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This is a selection of projects & shows that Accidental has made or hosted.

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Golden Bricks & Ruby Shoes

by Gillian Pencavel

18 September 2019

In 1970, the famed ruby slippers from The Wizard Of Oz are found after 30 years of being lost in a dusty warehouse. More and more pairs come to light, are bought and sold, and one pair lent to a museum - where they are once again lost after a suspicious break-in. Thirteen years later, in 2018, the FBI finally find this lost pair in pristine condition after a sting operation.

This work-in-progress show tells the stories of the pairs of ruby shoes - and the characters who became obsessed by them.

CinePunked Live Discussion about Clerks

26 August 2019

This year for #cinemaday2019 we hosted a screening of Kevin Smith's Clerks, followed by an interactive panel discussion lead by CinePunked.

Clerks is a blend of sexual exploration and moral questions, disaffected youth, slacker culture, independent enterprise and criminality.

CinePunked hosted one of its interactive panel discussions, to explore nostalgic youth, and the desire among each generation to hold onto the cultural signposts from their own adolescence, irrespective of the changing world around us.


31 May 2019

By Rosemary Jenkinson

Within: Body + Time

2 February 2018

by Aisling McCormick & Aoife McGrath

Belfast Improv Festival

1 August 2019

By Belfast Improv Theatre

Chuckle for Choice

9 August 2019

A special fundraiser for Rally for Choice.

Comedy with Heart


The Human Rights Consortium have teamed up with us creative folks at Accidental to bring you an imaginative, quick fire, yet conceivable take on the future of human rights in Northern Ireland after Brexit.

We bring you!

Made fast in response to the ever changing political landscape of BREXIT, it's a fun four part look at what's ahead.

In a time of uncertainty about the future of human rights, the Human Enforcement of Rights Patrol (H.E.R.P.) are here to tell us how our rights will continue post-Brexit, or not!

This is the first of four episodes of our comedic take on a possible post Brexit dystopia for rights and equality, that unfortunately cuts very close to the truth.

The risk to rights is real as highlighted by our friends at H.E.R.P. We hope you enjoy this special production for the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival and look out for future episodes to be launched during the festival programme.

 Earlier WORK

Gordon Osràm’s Funeral

14 March 2016

By Dave Kinghan

The Kitchen, the Bedroom & the Grave

8 MARCH 2014

By Donal O’Hagan