Accidental Theatre is a fringe theatre in Belfast's Shaftesbury Square & we also create our own projects as an independent company.

The Venue

12-13 Shaftesbury Square

This is our pop-up theatre, a temporary refuge for collaborative arts in the heart of Belfast. We plan for this building to represent what we love in arts & culture, inside & beyond, this city of ours. As we focus on expanding audiences appetites for: theatre, music, art, dance and unclassifiable live performance.

We want the building to be a place for cultural & community creative collisions. As we help support & amplify the vibrancy of Belfast's independent arts sector. Bringing together audiences & artists to support one another and build a more enriched community for us all.

The Company

Producing new and experimental theatre

ACCIDENTAL'S THEATRE IS A COLLISION of perspectives, art forms and unusual collaborations – curious stories told through vibrant, ambitious performances.

We work with playwrights, actors, filmmakers, DJs, choreographers, musicians, poets, painters, technicians and curators to craft plays for Ireland and the world stage. Every production is a fresh invention, each play’s architecture defined by the artists with whom we build it. Collective risk-taking is the inspiration that jolts our work into new theatrical territories and opens it up to new audiences.

Accidental walks the tightrope between the unexpected and the impossible, exploring the intersection between British narrative and European aesthetic styles of theatre.

Accidental Artistic Team

Richard Lavery


Teresa Hill


Emily DeDakis



Thomas Clarke CHAIR PERSON


Steven Hadley BOARD MEMBER


Christine Morrow BOARD MEMBER


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