The Theatre is on the ground floor and is accessed via two automatic doors that lead onto Shaftesbury Square and via a Stage Door on Albion Lane.

The room is a large black box, with two pillars close to the door. The floor is painted black plywood. There is a modest technical box, as well as a small backstage area & a dressing room.

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 Theatre BOOKING

The Theatre can be booked for events, rehearsals, private parties and all sorts of fun things.

You can book the Theatre by calling (028 9032 5881) or emailing us.

Prices are based on how long you need for the event (incl. setup/strike), what support you need and how large your audience will be. So we can design the cost to suit your need.


Size 12m x 7m; 3m height

Seats 90

Furniture 50 tall stools, 40 chairs & 3 benches

Lighting 2 x 12 Channel Beta Packs with 8 source four juniors | Ceiling Lights 16 million Colour Philips Hue

Sound Four speaker sound system with Allen & Heath 22 ZED FX

A/V Panasonic AR100 Projector & 133” 16:9 Screen

Facilities There are no toilets on this level