In 2012 we focused on developing plays by Gillian Grattan, Philip Hurst, Patrick Quinn, Richard Woulfe and Terry Dugan. A selection of both local, national and international writers, bringing this new and diverse work to Belfast for the first time. We were very proud to be showcasing the work of such talented writers and performers for the third year running. 


by Gillian Grattan

Thursday 23rd August // 7pm

Lydia, a Dubliner, moves in next door to Tom and Mary. She is here to rebuild her life and win back her son, Wolf who is in the custody of his father and the father's new girlfriend, “Blonde Slapper”. Set in a rural village in the south east of Ireland, Hooked! is a story of secrets, deceit, jealousy and a whole basket of dirty laundry in a small, close-knit community, told in three interlocking monologues.

Directed by Fionnuala Kennedy

Cast: Jo Donnelly, Mary Jordan and Noel McGee.

Head of State 

by Philip Hurst 

Thursday 27th September // 7pm 

As protests rage outside his grand palace, Arthur, an ailing dictator near death is under threat from his two sons as they vie to be his successor, when one of his sons reveals his cunning plan to transplant Arthur's brain into his brother’s body! Power, revenge, love and government swirl around in this surreal and dark play about family and control.

Directed by Mary Jordan

Cast: Matthew Faris, Tripti Tripuraneni, Stephen Clarke and Patrick Strain.

The Painter's Hand

by Patrick Quinn

Thursday 18th October // 7pm 

Julie the owner of a lavish and creepy old Irish mansion and her young tenant Damian have a close relationship, too close. Damian feels smothered and is plotting to escape, but just before he sneaks away, Julie interrupts him with the news that she plans to marry him and leave him the house in her will. Themes of obsession, entrapment and the supernatural abound in this exciting and atmospheric play.

Directed by Stephen Beggs

Cast: Patrick Strain, Enid Crowe, Cathy Brennan-Bradley, Matthew Faris and Hannah McClean

The Civilised

by Richard Woulfe

Thursday 29th November // 7pm 

In 1585 two native Americans are imprisoned in the lower deck of a ship bound for England. Both from different worlds they barely understand each other but are being taught English by the crew before they arrive. When one becomes involved in a relationship with a female servant on the ship, it stirs up arguments about propriety, taboo and civilisation.

Directed by Richard Lavery

Cast: Chris Grant, Jack Geary, Tom Dart, Bronagh McCrudden and Gary Crossan.

Dies and Feng Shui for Cubists

by Terry Dugan

Thursday 13th December // 7pm 


Vi’let, an aging regional leading lady, has landed an audition for an improbable role, when her lifelong rival Flora also shows up at the callback. The two are thrown for a loop when Sapphire, a transvestite, enters the fray to audition. The rivals become partners to defend a woman’s role against the threat of a man, but they soon find that the greatest threat to them all is the demented, death-obsessed mind of method director Clappy. Written in blank verse and beautifully absurd, Dies is the first of two short plays by Terry Dugan.

Directed by Richard Lavery

Cast: Cathy Brennan-Bradley, Elaine Duncan, Stephen Clarke, Matthew Faris and Enid Crowe.

Feng Shui for Cubists

Recruited from Los Angeles by a top New York ad agency, a young copywriter learns things run a little differently in the big city. As his first assignment, Gruen must come up with the perfect pitch for selling an ice-cream-like treat made with the by-products of hydraulic fluid. If The Trust Corporation finds favor with his pitch, the company’s CEO will cut off a part of Gruen’s anatomy. The price of success makes Gruen want to fail, but the more experienced ad men, Cox, McDonalds, Pulater and Leach, work their motivational magic to persuade Gruen to become one with them in spirit.

Directed by Richard Lavery

Cast: Chris Grant, Stephen Clarke, Hannah Coyle, Megan Armitage, Matthew Faris, Morgaine FitzSymons and Elaine Duncan.