SCRATChy Scratch

Our third Scratch, featured This seven groups performing across three days for SCRATCHY SCRATCH. Thanks to everyone who performed, wrote, composed, volunteered, directed, sang, played, danced, dove in, explored, investigated and just showed up to show their work. It takes huge bravery to show your new work when its still being developed. Congratulations to you all!

The scratch included:

Friday 11th September



Louise Parker, Cathan McRoberts & Martin McDowell

Join us for a jam-packed picnic of sandwiches and stories, tales of days at the beach and walks in the park. Come and celebrate the memories that make up our childhoods; bring your tartan blanket and a flask of tea for a taste of summer days filled with memory and mischief.

Saturday 12th September


Helen Ashton

Fenix Circus presents a new work-in-progress from Helen Ashton.  Inspired by the legend of Icarus, and his fatal flight towards the sun, and incorporating personal journeys through depression and anxiety, the piece explores the internal battle to accept our “spark of madness”.

Sunday 13th September


Dirty Aul Town

Aisling McGeown

Marty is pushing 30 and Jimmy is just plain pushing it.  Having just returned after 12 years away from his home Marty meets Jimmy, the permanent fixture in the local pub. After some liquid relaxation they begin to unravel and take the audience on a journey through their colourful pasts.

The Delany Ploy

Thomas Hislop & Aaron Donnelly

One man's pursuit of true love in the face of almost certain death - Delkany has returned from exile in America. He has returned for love. Specifically the love of his childhood sweetheart and quasi-adoptive sister Julia. The only problem is she's already getting married, to the heir of the most powerful criminal family in England.

The Deconstructed Coffee Episode 4: A&E +IOU

Chris Grant & Gary Crossan

After the biggest night of Johns life, everything has went wrong, if Paul had only listened they wouldn't be in this mess. Of all the nights they could have visited A&E it had to be the busiest one this year. Until Dr Colin becomes available it looks like John and Paul are going to be stuck in the waiting room!

The Scampi, Chips and Tartar Sauce Experience

Stephen Coulter, Gary Crossan & Chris Grant

What happens when Stephen Coulter, Christopher Grant and Gary Crossan get in a room together to write a script? We're going to put it to the test. Using stimulus provided on Monday the 7th we will work our socks off to bring you a short play!


James Johnson


Henry & Gretchen have barely seen one another since college. But after Henry appears in Gretchen's dream along with Kurt Vonnegut - he visits her one weekend with a bag of clothes, a bottle of wine, and lot of forgotten history to dig up.

Your Turn.jpg

Scratch Bang Wallop

Accidental hosted a second Scratch -- a platform for fellow artists to perform new pieces of theatre in development, getting them in front of an audience for feedback. This time we had eight groups performing across three days for SCRATCH BANG WALLOP.

The scratch included:

Friday 19th June

Notes on the Retrogradatory Power of Nicki Minaj

Adam Turns

This performance originated with no idea of form, tone or even content. All I had was the horrible feeling Nicki Minaj's 'Only' gave me.

Saturday 20th June


The Premise

Michael Draine

Two men try and make a decision.

Sunday 21st June


Alice Malseed & Sarah Baxter

Growing up, Alice was promised the world. What happened? This one woman show will rollercoaster you through 10 years of her life, from Belfast to London. With music, movement and a contemporary performance style, Alice will guide you on a journey through this effervescent chaos.  It’s savage.

Don’t Call The Shantyman

Megan Armitage

What do we do when things start to fall apart? When it’s happening without us even realising? What if we had the chance to make it right, but let the moment slip away? Now, here, what has washed up on the tide?

Juliet's Balcony

Aisling McGeown

A chapter of Juliet's life unfolds on her balcony as she takes a chance on love and on her first serious boyfriend and learns that surprises aren't always as happy as they seem...

The Deconstructed Coffee Episodes 2 & 3

Gary Crossan & Chris Grant

You loved episode one so much we’re back with a double shot of The Deconstructed Coffee! Featuring a disgruntled waiter, a lesson in types of comedy and of course Percival Snoutington the tea-cup pig and most of the night being spent in the male toilets. 

Second, Minute, Hour

Paula O'Reilly & Patrick J O'Reilly

A dark physical comedy exploring dependency and what makes a woman of substance tick. Stuck in an average class possessing average ability and having average belief, Tanya struggles with the swinging pendulum inside her brain and the need to feel fearless.

Scratch 2.jpg

Scratch Night

For one night, three groups of artists will put on three pieces of theatre that are in development. During the night the audience have a chance to give their feedback on what they think about each piece. Helping the artists understand how to shape and build their new work and improve their practice.

The scratch included:

Best Kept Small Town

Alice Malseed

This is a new show which explores place and parties. It might get messy. Alice Malseed is a performance maker who has made and shown work widely across the UK. This is her Belfast debut.

The Deconstructed Coffee

Chris Grant

Taking some inspiration from a lady who orders a coffee in its individual parts from him in the café where he works, Chris would like to present to you his scratch experiment The Deconstructed Coffee

In Your Eyes

Megan Armitage

Who I am is who I think I am. Or is it who you tell me I am? What if I want to be someone else? This is an exploration of identity and what shapes it. What if you want to shed yours? And will the outside world allow you to?

The Scratch Artists:  Alice Malseed, Megan Armitage and Chris Grant

The Scratch Artists: Alice Malseed, Megan Armitage and Chris Grant

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