Accidental are helping to host more Scratch Nights to assist fellow artists in displaying new pieces of theatre in development and get them in front of audiences for feedback. This fantastic scratch format of performing fresh, experimental theatre in-progress has already been pioneered around the world and we want artists here to also have the chance to test out the brilliant art they want to make here.

For a night, week or weekend we want as many artists or groups who want to, to get involved to display their work-in-progress. Audiences will have a chance to give their feedback on what they think about each piece. Helping us understand how to shape and build new work and improve practice.

We're aiming to put on repeated Scratches so give us a shout now to get involved if you're interested?

 You can contact us through the form below or you can ask questions by emailing us.

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Who are you, what do you do and why do you do it?
Give us the blurb of the piece you'd like to scratch? (This will be used to advertise the scratch)
Give us at least three questions you'd ask the audience about your piece.
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