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Rob Explains is our first team podcast featuring members of the Accidental staff, chatting about odd topics that we want to learn more about. Each week we take on a new & very diverse topic to unpick, discuss and generally make fun of it and each other.

This podcast features: Rob Kane, Gillian Pencavel, Josh McCullough & Richard Lavery.


Coming Soon A new comedy podcast, chatting with new and existing stand-ups in Belfast, and the wider Northern Ireland.

More Soon

We’re developing many more podcasts, so you can take a bit of Accidental with you when you leave or have a bit if you can’t reach us in Belfast! we’re also on the look out for new talents or ideas, so feel free to get in contact to tell us what you’d like to do, what you’d love to hear or even ask us questions on what we are currently doing.

I don’t remember that, is that in an anime version? - lol
— Audience Member