Michael graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2009 with a Masters in Creative Writing. Part of Tinderbox Theatre Company’s Fireworks Young Playwright Scheme 2008 he has gone on to write for the stage with Spark Opera Company, online with BBC Blast: Backstage and RTE Storyland's Free House and, mainly, for his own amusement. He has gone on to write television episodes for BBC1 NI, BBC2 NI, RTE and CBBC. You can find more details and agent information here: www.unitedagents.co.uk/michael-shannon

Michael started to work with Accidental when he submitted an early draft of The Writers' Group to us in 2010. His witty and deceptively simple work was immediately attractive to the company and lead to us working with Michael to develop the play into The Writers' Room in 2011.

Actors Dan Leith, Matthew Faris and Katy Campalani in  The Writers' Room

Actors Dan Leith, Matthew Faris and Katy Campalani in The Writers' Room

The Writers' Room

Once a week, four very different writers meet up to rip apart each others work. Kirk can't quit setting his stories in space. Sweet M.T.'s one-woman show is missing a good monologue. Ryan hasn't the guts to confront life on or off the page. And Beth is desperately searching for an ending.

Today when they arrive for their meeting a script is sitting on the table waiting for them. It's called 'The Writers' Room'. It's about four writers, has a dead body and not many pages left.

This unusual play bristles with one-liners and snarky put-downs, keeping tension and momentum throughout as it plays with the conventions of crime fiction.

First performed at Pop-Up Pick 'n' Mix in Belfast, The Writers' Room toured from Belfast to London in 2011, the first of Accidental's shows to tour outside of Northern Ireland. With performances at the London Festival Fringe and the Camden Fringe.

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The cast do justice to Michael Shannon’s witty script, delivering their lines with urgency and perfect timing.
— Camden Voyeur