Dave Kinghan graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2007 with a Masters in Creative Writing, and writes for both stage and screen. In 2008 his short film Happy as Larry was funded by Northern Ireland Screen and the UK Film Council through their Digital Shorts scheme. In June 2012 his play Intervention was produced by Accidental Theatre for the Pick ‘n’ Mix Festival at the MAC, Belfast. Dave has also written episodes for Joe & Jack, an animated preschool series which was broadcast on RTE in Ireland as well as in other countries from September 2012.

Dave Kinghan was one of the first new writers Accidental worked with, as we developed an early version of DEATH (on a shoestring) for our first appearance at Pick 'n' Mix in 2009. In 2012 DEATH (on a shoestring) was developed into a full production for the 50th Anniversary of the Belfast Festival. The same year we started developing a new play by Dave, Intervention, later renamed Gordon Osram's Funeral, that is part of our new play development work. 

You can find out more about Dave on his website: www.davekinghan.com

Writer Dave Kinghan has plenty of subver- sive fun.
— Culture NI - DEATH (on a shoestring)
Bizarre, outrageous and full of Dave Kinghan’s trademark black humour...
— Belfast Times - DEATH (on a shoestring)
Actors Morgaine Fitzsymons and Daisy Brindley in  DEATH (on a shoestring)

Actors Morgaine Fitzsymons and Daisy Brindley in DEATH (on a shoestring)

DEATH (on a shoestring

When Cecilia Malarkey MBE, head of a political correctness watchdog, is accidentally allowed into Heaven, she is disgusted by the lack of politically correct behaviour in Paradise. Refusing someone entry because they're not Christian? Religious discrimination! Malarkey sets about overhauling Heaven's values system, but as it becomes more politically correct, Heaven seems decidedly less heavenly – and soon angels and demons are working together to get the afterlife back in order and Cecilia out!

A hilarious black comedy, this escapade into the afterlife combined music and live performance to excite and thrill. DEATH (on a shoestring) deceptively tackled serious questions about dominant religious and sexual issues in Northern Ireland; projecting them in vaudevillian style, through a fantastical and heightened comic lens, made the issues seem adolescent at first glance, and ultimately approachable.

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Actor Miche Doherty in  Intervention

Actor Miche Doherty in Intervention

Gordon Osram's Funeral

Two performance artists are thrown into a cell after disrupting a rival’s final performance.  As they blame each other for their stunt going wrong, paranoia sets in and they begin to question each other’s motives for staging the attack. But everything is not as it seems and they slowly become aware that they have a further role to play in their rival’s last great work. Who will have the last word – and does anyone out there care?

Currently in development, this new multimedia play skewers the overboard artistic temperament, with its obsessive jealousies and arrogant excesses.

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