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New Board Members


New Board Members

Ongoing Call for Volunteer Board Members at Accidental Theatre

Deadline: Rolling

Accidental’s theatre is a collision of perspectives, art forms and unusual collaborations – curious stories told through vibrant, ambitious performances.

A theatre company based in Belfast, Accidental work with playwrights, actors, filmmakers, DJs, choreographers, musicians, poets, painters, technicians and curators to craft plays for Ireland and the world stage. Every production is a fresh invention and each play’s architecture is defined by the artists with whom it is built.

The Board at Accidental are looking for new members to join the team, initially on an interim basis. Expressions of interest by applicants from any professional background will be considered, but we particularly welcome those from with skills and experience in: strategic planning, finance & accounting,  marketing & PR or fundraising. We're looking for people who have a passion for the arts, and who will drive the organisation forward in light of the difficult economic climate. Most importantly someone who will embrace Accidental’s contemporary ambition to walk the tightrope between the unexpected and the impossible. We're open to a diverse range of skills and will value the personal and professional experience you may have to offer.

The new board members will be required to attend at least four, two hour board meetings per year, held in Belfast city centre, and to act as an ambassador and champion for the company by supporting Accidental events and initiatives. Beyond this the time that you give can be as little or as much as you like. 

In order to apply for this position please email your CV to as well as addressing the following two questions:

1.     What would you hope to achieve as a board member of Accidental Theatre - both personally and for the company?' (max 300 words)

2.     Why Accidental Theatre company? (max 300 words)

Thank you for taking your time to apply and we look forward to hearing from you.

Accidental Board of Directors

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Scratch Volunteers

Scratch Volunteers

Production: Scratch

We're currently looking for volunteers for our continuing scratch programme, that creates a platform for fellow artists to stage and experiment with their own work.

You can apply to be a volunteer by filling out the form below. Tell us a little about yourself, why you want to be a part of the programme and any details of your experience.

What We're Looking For

We're interested in anyone who wants to help out with the programme, this will be an exciting and large project to be involved in. We want to work with dedicated, enthusiastic people, who are interested in making quality theatre. This project needs all kinds of volunteers from performers to set builders. In particular we need volunteers who are:

  • available for at least five nights run of the show in March;
  • and available for at least a week of part-time rehearsals/production work in the evenings during March.

Have a look at the bottom of application form for more details of areas available to volunteer in.

How To Apply

Simply fill in the form below and we'll be in touch, if you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Name *
What you do, what experience you have, etc?
What do you want to do on the Show? *
These are the areas we want people to help volunteer in, please select at least two.