Developed by Dave Kinghan & Accidental Theatre

Directed by Richard Lavery

Accidental's Spring 2016 show, GORDON OSRÀM’S FUNERAL, is a daring, immersive play developed by Accidental from an original script by Dave Kinghan. Audiences will find themselves in a gallery tracing the path of the fictitious Gordon Osràm's life and work, featuring videos, photographs, interventions and interactive exhibits. As the night unfolds, the performance explodes into life and Osràm's darker motives build to a fever pitch, and a personal question faces everyone present: What memory of ourselves do we wish to leave behind? 

Gordon Osràm was an internationally-renowned performance artist whose career spanned almost three decades. Spending the last years out of the spotlight, the reclusive Osràm has now crafted his own “funeral” - an exhibition celebrating his career and culminating in an original performance piece, one last great work of art.

Join us and raise a toast to the artist. Leave your own mark and confront your inner motives whilst exploring the sights, sounds and events of Osràm’s final hurrah. (Mourning dress optional.)

Spring 2016 Tour


14 - 26 March 2016

Riddell's Warehouse


13 - 16 April 2016

The Complex


20 & 21 April 2016

Shambles Yard


23 April 2016

The Playhouse


Colette Lennon

as Clare Black

Megan Armitage

as Jessica Young

Vicky Blades

as Juliette O'Hagan

Brian Hutton

as Gordon Osràm


Director Richard Lavery

Writer Dave Kinghan

Dramaturg Emily DeDakis

Designer Katie Davenport

Composer Martin Byrne

Marketing Manager Elizabeth Meehan

Stage Manager Elaine Barnes

Deputy Stage Manager Teresa Hill

Assistant Stage Manager Noleen Stevenson

Technician Eddie Robinson



The production started life as INTERVENTION, an early development version, staged in June 2012 as part of the Pick 'n' Mix Festival.

Two performance artists are thrown into a cell after disrupting a rival’s final performance.  As they blame each other for their stunt going wrong, paranoia sets in and they begin to question each other’s motives for staging the attack. But everything is not as it seems and they slowly become aware that they have a further role to play in their rival’s last great work. Who will have the last word – and does anyone out there care?

An initial development version was first performed at Pick 'n' Mix 2012 called 'Intervention'

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th June 2012

Upstairs Studio at the MAC, Belfast

Development Images

Development Cast

James McAnespy Headshot 2011.jpg

James McAnespy ADAM

Miche Doherty.jpeg

Miche Doherty PHILIP

Matt Faris.jpg

Matthew Faris GORDON

Development Creatives and Production Team

Writer Dave Kinghan

Director  Richard Lavery

Sound Design  Martin Byrne

Film Will McConnell


Dramaturg Emily DeDakis

Stage Manager Teresa Hill

Marketing Elizabeth Meehan

Projection Technician Jacqueline O'Hagan