Vocal, Breath & Body

Vocal, Breath & Body

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Having dedicated her life to the understanding of the workings of the expression through the human voice, Evelyne brings people on a journey of personal discovery using the knowledge she has acquired & assimilated over 30 years.

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Vocal & Breath Release - Expression & Connection

Having dedicated her life to the understanding of the workings of the expression through the human voice, Evelyne brings people on a journey of personal discovery using the knowledge she has acquired & assimilated over 30 years. Through the use of breath, physical awareness and sound she will guide you on a journey of self discovery and how to express yourself in your own authentic voice.

Join Evelyne to newly discover or expand on a true connection with your breath and sound to your own authentic self. Described the world over as having the voice of an Angel.....

Voice, Breath & Body Connection

(Newcomers to Advanced)


Focus is on making noise - breath - communication - body - tone & inflection - healing through sound. 2.5 hours with breaks. Will involve:

  • Understanding of the mechanics of breath in the body & the vocal chords and there function

  • Body alignment & freedom to express

  • Onset & release - glottal & balanced on set

  • Different resonates & colours produced in the body

  • Vowel & vocal placement

  • Chanting - legato line

  • Expression through tone and intonation

  • The relations and challenges between the spoken and sung word

Professional Voice Use



There will be an added focus on professional voice users & vocal health - performance - pieces can be brought to be worked on. Will involve:

  • Vocal breath and release

  • A look into the demands on todays singers with genre & the vocal technique required

  • Vocal & vowel placement

  • Vocal health - techniques to maintain & restore

  • Each member performing a piece of their own choosing & will be worked through (Masterclass style) if a pianist is required let me know

  • Interpretation from the notes on the page to the character

You can email Eve here with questions.

More about Eve

Evelyne has been involved in all aspects of theatre having grown up with it, her earliest memories being on stage at the age of 5 playing a Bear in Goldelocks & the Three Bears, she grow up in musical theatre societies playing lead roles in My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man, Oliver & Gilbert & Sullivan to name a few. On leaving School she started a career in Orthodontics while working she continued singing in musical societies and studying under her first teacher passing grade 8 Royal Schools performance voice with distinction. Then in her mid twenties she decided to go full time in her music studying at Teritary level Music & Linguistics she had immediate success in her first year winning Scholarships, being chosen as the most promising young voice for Opera & was accepted into her first professional contract as a member NBR Opera Chorus. Since then she has worked with the great Romanian soprano Virginia Zeani & American Mezzo Dr. Slivia Stone & New Zealand soprano Dame Kiri Te Kanawa in Masterclass. In 2011 she made the decision to continue her passion for Bel Canto singing and she was accepted into the study of the great Italian Rossini Tenor William Matteuzzi whom she still works with to this day. In her career things lead to Evelyne working with Jazz Pianist & Cabaret musical director Garth Eramus in South Africa in genre of Cabaret, creating a one woman show. Evelyne's passion for the understanding and expression of the human voice had lead to her working with the top Australian ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) specialists who have recorded her vocals through specialised scopes & had her demonstrate at international conferences and she has also worked closely along side Osteopaths to work together on the understandings of the human voice & body and the mechanics in making sound and expression.

A true entertainer in all meanings of the word with a full & expressive vocal palate that flows effortlessly with her acting abilities that cut straight to the heart of a character and takes her audience on a journey that touches the soul


Breath - Feldenkrais, Alecssadra, Pilates, Yoga

Vocal - Bel canto (Lamperti - vocal Wisdom)

Acting - Straight drama theatre, musical theatre, Operatic, Operetta, Cabaret, Jazz

Evelyne loves singing and believes it is the one through international language and is the food and medicine for the soul. You can find more here.


The Theatre

Address: 12-13 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, BT2 7DB

Access: Via Stage Door on Albion Lane

Date(s): Saturday 12th October 2019

Voice, Breath & Body: 11:30am

Professional Voice Use: 3pm

Disabled Access: The Theatre is on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible but we currently do not have accessible bathrooms (we’re working on it).

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£30 - VOICE, BREATH & BODY - Completes full booking of your class spot.

£30 - PROFESSIONAL VOICE - Completes full booking of your class spot.

£50 - BOTH LEVEL CLASSES - Completes full booking of your class spot on both classes.