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This Live Stream is an experiment for Accidental and, therefore, may not work. But we wanted to explore making our work available to more people than ever before. It can be hard to deliver a reliable stream to every single person, so we ask that you help us by letting us know if you have problems during the stream via

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Ambergris DUPed Poster Digital.jpg


Friday 29 March | 8:05pm

DUPed is an award-winning one man play proudly made in Dundee!

The Reverend Ian Richard Kyle Paisley was a firebrand, fundamentalist preacher from the heart of Ulster’s Bible Belt. He espoused populist, hardline unionist politics and was viewed as a bogeyman or bellwether by generations across these islands…

Part of the Imagine Festival.

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Scratch Night

Thursday 23 May | 8:05pm

Our Scratch Nights are a chance for artists to test out new material in front of an audience. Getting feedback to help guide the evolution of their brand new work.

Scratch Nights are the starting point for artists to experiment, take risks, be bold and create fresh ideas for an eager audience.

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