We've opened a call for micro-plays, as in, plays that are 2-10 minutes in length, that can be performed anywhere and are suitable to be seen live in-person or on screen. 

We're aiming to develop a new programme called Grams, that will see us stage micro-plays across the country, in different locations with the potential to be screened live on social platforms as well as performed live on location.  

The plays will be produced by Accidental as part of this programme and any further productions will be at the discretion of the applicant. You don't have to be a writer to submit, we're open to submissions from any artists, but we do need submissions in script or outline form.

In particular we're interested in bold pieces that explore exciting, big ideas, that look at current issues, in interesting ways. Experimenting with what theatre is, who it is for and what it is about. We're looking for:

  • micro-act plays of 2-10 minutes in length
  • plays with a cast of no more than three characters
  • plays that explores bold ideas and experiments with theatrical/cinematic forms & styles
  • plays that are original & haven't been performed before
  • pieces that can be performed anywhere or have a specific location in mind
  • only one submission per writer/applicant
  • all submissions in PDF files and formatted as a stage or screen play.

We will let applicants know if we are interested in your submission by 30th April 2017. Unfortunately we regret that we cannot give feedback on applications and the project is dependent upon successful funding.

How to Apply

You can apply for the project by emailing: info@accidentaltheatre.co.uk With your expression of interest, details of your current experience (CV) and either the script in PDF format or an outline of your idea.

Call deadline ongoing.