The crux of Accidental's work is cultivating new plays. We aim to create solid working relationships with daring, visionary playwrights and to give honest, helpful advice on all the scripts sent our way. Over the years we’ve linked up with a small yet global citizenry of writers, supporting them to tell the stories they’re passionate about.

As Accidental have grown we've continued to expand the advocacy we can provide to writers and other artists. Part of this is offering paid services to connect theatre writers with professional advice, guidance and resources. We want to make sure these services are in reach, so initial prices are kept low & flexible. 

Check out what’s on offer; any questions or requests, just let us know. We'll be adding more services as we go, so feel free to tell us what might be even more helpful.

Writer Services

Script Development
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Each year Accidental embarks upon a variety of mischievous and exciting new writing projects aimed at helping new and established writers develop, test and enhance their skills and practice. 


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There are three main digital sections to the Library and a physical library of books available to borrow in Accidental's office. We'll be adding to it all the time but if there's anything you think you'd like to see here, just let us know. We're happy to take all suggestions, no matter how small or large.

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