FLIGHT/RISK is a new project from Accidental, combining ideas we've been conjuring to support theatre-makers and other artists in Belfast and Northern Ireland. For four months we've opened up our office and rehearsal spaces to artists, turning it into a hub while they develop a new piece of theatre each. Beyond the space we're offering a whole support structure and a network of fellow artists sharing workspace and ideas at the hub.

The project was developed in response to the lack of strategic investment in artist development and support in Northern Ireland. As we've been developing our own work, we know the struggle it can be to find the resources to properly test out new ideas. FLIGHT/RISK is a step towards helping fellow artists focus on themselves and their work instead of filling in monitoring forms and bureaucratic tick boxes.

Phase One Artists

After a huge response to our call for artists we choose as many groups and artists as we could manage to support. FLIGHT/RISK was designed to help artists with a bold new piece of theatre that they're dying to get to grips with. Helping to launch theatre that welcomes risk and seeks to tell new stories in visionary forms. The project also aims to link ambitious artists together & create a veritable blizzard of new theatre - in a hub of creativity.

Here are the details of the first twenty-seven artists we're supporting in Phase One of the project.

FLIGHT/RISK is supported by Belfast City Council and Donations from the public.

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Developed by Adam Turns

ANTON is a performance artist persona of actor and comedian Adam Turns. Using multimedia, audience participation, visual humour and facile thought experiments, ANTON's shows attempt to (and abjectly fail in) probing his audience's deepest prejudices and conformity. He is one above many. With the support of FLIGHT/RISK, Adam will be using the resources available in working toward his first solo show for the Belfast Comedy Festival - ANTON: Saviour of Belfast.


Dirty Aul Town

Developed by Aisling McGeown

Aisling has written two pieces for Accidentals Scratch programme and has also gained experience in directing and production with theatre. FLIGHT/RISK is a great chance for her to concentrate on her own work and explore it’s development right through from script to the production. She has written a short play Dirty Aul Town which focuses on two main characters in a bar revealing secrets of their past.  She want to delve in to the script looking more at the characters looking at different ways of telling more of their story. 


Developed by Smash/Cut 

Intersections is based on cities with two oppositional cultural forces. Capturing sounds of city intersections and the opinions of pedestrians who walk them, we create an introspective soundscape of the city. We will take that soundscape back to Baton Rouge, LA and work with artists to devise a response in theatrical/performance form. The two pieces themselves, pedestrian and artisanal, intersect to form a conversation both on cultural divides and how different types of people make that opposition manifest while bridging cultures thousands of miles away. 



Developed by Alice Malseed & Sarah Baxter

A brand new piece of contemporary theatre which takes its inspiration from the lives of women on Belfast's Ormeau Road. It is informed by the silent epidemic of diazepam addiction which creeps around the city. 'Lavinia' is a spiritual home for lost women. Over their time at FLIGHT/RISK they're going to explore structure and form, and continually expand on what is possible from the work. 


The History of Irish - in English

Developed by Benjamin Gould

The History of Irish - In English is a theatrical retelling of the historical events that lead to a foreign language becoming Ireland's native language, then its 2nd language, before finally becoming the first official language that's only spoken fluently by 1% of the population.

Caoileann Curry-Thompson image.jpg


Developed by Caoileann Curry-Thompson

Caoileann is working on an interwoven series of plays for young audiences which explores issues of friendship, empathy and belonging. She will be exploring playful new ways to marry vital, eclectic performance styles and the lyrical beauty of traditional storytelling for the most discerning and demanding audience.



Developed by Curious Doings

Inconvenient truths ... empty promises …careless whispers .. .and outright lies…

Veering wildly from the ridiculous to the sublime, The Things People Say rips up the theatre rulebook and makes paper aeroplanes from its pages.

CURIOUS DOINGS is under the creative direction of internationally acclaimed performer and theatre maker Mary-Frances Doherty. 


This Guy just wants to not have Sex with you Tonight, if that’s ok right now?

Developed by Dan Leith

Dan Leith has been a theatre maker and actor for many years now. He has created shows for young audiences which have contained many creative elements such as quirky short movies, live music, live drawing, audience participation and ukuleles. With this project… This Guy just wants to not have Sex with you Tonight, if that’s ok right now?… Dan plans to bring some of these elements and many other strange forms of performance into a show for a more “mature” audience.


Benefit Fraud

Developed by John Morgan

John worked twenty years as a civil servant while disabled.  Outraged by the demonising of disabled people he conceived the idea of a satiric pop-up theatre project:  A pseudo- Disabled assessment centre in Belfast featuring a “bureaucrat” coming up with increasing cruel/ridiculous arguments to a queue of disabled individuals.  Its aim is to debunk the disabled stereotype; as undeserving, create “spect—actors” and…  to record the results/



Motherhood Interrupted

Developed by Maggie Cronin

Maggie is an actress, writer and director striving to “live truthfully under the given set of circumstances” on stage.

Her project for FLIGHT/RISK is on a theme that has been informing her writing for many years; an exploration of the pressures and expectations around motherhood and the taboos around abortion; miscarriage; not loving your child; “the wicked stepmother”; incest. It’s time to blast the silence apart. 


The Adventures of the Tricycle Kid

Developed by Paul Anthony

The play is based on Paul's book The Adventures Of The Tricycle Kid. It is liberally dosed with nuggets of nostalgia and it relies heavily on humour, both of which are natural sellers. It is set in fifties and sixties Sailortown and Andersonstown. The patrons should not feel that they are attending a play. It should be in the style of the one man show. It is story telling.

Yes Woman - website image.jpg

Yes Woman

Developed by Paula Carson-Lewis

Yes Woman examines the consequences of one woman’s inability to say ‘no’ to everyone she encounters in pursuit of a meaningful existence.

Paula Carson makes work that is provocative, political, deeply moving and very funny. In particular, she is interested in creating work at the intersection of comedy and tragedy. Paula trained at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.



Developed by PJ Hart

PJ Hart is a writer of film and television with a strong interest in cross-media narrative. His project obSERVE is a highly interactive piece dealing with issues of technology, surveillance, resistance and paranoia. In a world increasingly sliding in to moral absolutism, how are the digital snapshots of our lives that are available for all to see interpreted by those who are always watching us?

painted lady landscape.jpg


Developed by Rob Hollway

Having had a short play performed at the Lyric Theatre with Accidental’s Fast & Loose in 2014, my current focus is to bring my first full length play “The Painted Lady” to the stage. A two character piece set in an Irish nature reserve where a life beaten butterfly enthusiast stumbles across a hungover party girl.  This is a story of hope and the ability to change, just like the painted lady butterfly itself.



Developed by Shannon Yee

Starf*cker explores how current social media technology affects our understanding of ourselves and each other. It is informed by astronomy, popular culture, psychology, feminism, and Greek mythology. It asks, “How does the process of proclaiming who we are to others online (and investing so much energy into our online lives), bring us closer to or farther away from truly knowing who we are to our ourselves? 

Fragments 1.jpg


Developed by Sheena Kelly

Belfast based dance artist Sheena Kelly has worked acrossIreland and internationally with a particular focus on integrated dance practise. Fresh from a Dance Limerick Residency of a new collaborative work Whispers, Sheena is delighted to be on the Flight/Risk project to further develop her piece Fragments. Fragments is a dance installation piece aiming to engage the audience in an unusual way exploring what is hidden, obscured or simply what we choose to leave unseen.


Marginal Theatre

Developed by Vicky McFarland & Paula Matthews

Marginal Theatre/ Arts is a developing company passionate about writing and bringing marginalised voices centre stage. Since forming in late 2015 we have: hosted a number of literary events; launched an online journal for new writing for children - The Launchpad; piloted a children’s creative writing course and published our first children’s writing journal - Little Launchpad; as well as begun developing new female writing for Northern Ireland. Over the coming months we hope to develop each of these areas further.

Family Charades

Developed by Cathy Walker

For the answers to mysteries such as, who put pop tarts in the VCR, why has the cat got peanut butter on it, and the identity of the phantom milk bandit come play Family Charades.

Played out via Parlour Games not exactly played by the rules, the story will cast a humorous light on a family trying to communicate using alternate methods.

My Father's Chair

Developed by Stephen Beggs

My Father’s Chair is a performance for young audiences and their families about the nature of fatherhood.  What is it like to have (or have had) a Dad?  What is it like to be a Dad?  What makes the relationship between a Dad and his kids unique and special?  How do children see their Dad’s and in what ways does this differ from how they see their Mums?  How does society view the role of fathers in children’s lives?  How do Dads themselves view their roles in their children’s lives?  As a theatre practitioner and a Dad I am keen to explore all these questions and create a fun, challenging, emotional and truthful journey for audiences along the way – a Father’s voice and perspective in the world of theatre for young audiences.

Dolly Brady Just An Ordinary Lady

Developed by Jimmy Kerr

Some people just don’t be able to get what they want and dream off in life. Dolores Brady refuses to believe that she might be one of those women. Despite everything life has thrown up, at and on her, having lost her home, her family and her nerves, Dolly still hasn’t lost hope. In fact that’s all she’s left with at the end of this play, Hope! 


Gay Cake

Developed by Darran McCann

The world is a hostile place for people like Peter. He has lived all his life being reviled and abused and rejected for being what he is, and for believing what he believes. The only place he’s secure is within a close-knit, fiercely loyal community that knows what it is to be an embattled minority. But Peter is brave and resolute, and he’s determined to bear witness, with pride. All this is equally true of Simon.

One day, one of these strong-willed, undoubting men walks into the other’s bakery and asks for a special cake that says ‘Support Gay Marriage’...

‘Gay Cake’ is acclaimed novelist Darran McCann’s return to the theatre, with his first new play for eight years.