15 Minutes

For two unique nights Accidental Theatre is presenting a mixture of miniature theatre in Shaftesbury Square. Bringing together a selection of great Irish companies as a very special mini-festival of mini-plays.

A selection of the best Irish theatre companies and makers both young and old, each will create & perform a special mini-play lasting only 15 minutes. With different companies featured each night.

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th September 2018

Starts 7:30pm / Doors 7pm

Accidental Theatre, 12-13 Shaftesbury Square



Edith and Constance

An imagined meeting between two extraordinary women who never actually met; Edith, Lady Londonderry and Countess Constance Markievicz. Meet two of Ireland’s iconic historical figures, who may have come from different worlds but yet had much in common, in a conversation that could have been, but that never was.

Written by Vittoria Cafolla, directed by Finn Kennedy and performed by Maria Connolly and Julie Maxwell.

Robert Kane

Charlton Wood's Cabaret Cruise

Never to be missed, the last show you'll ever want to watch! Charlton offers his condolences and sincerely welcomes you to this, THE show.

His satirical musings have sated the pleasure seeking appetites of Sultans, Noble Born, Kings, Celebrities, plebs and luddites.

Drawing from a rich pool of human experience Charlton will ponder life, and ask you to do the same.

Now finally you can join him, and be at peace, or what ever you find yourself doing.

Three’s Theatre Company

Little Pieces of After

This is flirty little number about falling in and out of love.

Exploring the important questions we all find ourselves asking such as - "when we break up - who keeps the condoms?"

Directed by Colm G. Doran

Helen Ashton


Forest fires. Hurricanes. Typhoons. Brexit. The price of vanilla.

There really isn’t enough time to worry about everything that’s well, worrying.

Have a cup of tea. Sit down for five minutes. Take the weight off. You’ll be OK. Won’t you?

Nicky Harley

Meet Maureen Meme

Maureen’s life was like a movie, the kind of movie that went straight to DVD. Join her in her wild attempt to break the cycle of the never ending turmoil in her quest for happiness. No longer an extra she’s making the effort to take centre stage. Que soundtrack! Live life like a meme!

Holly Hannaway

Someone Wanted But So Then

Someone once said there are only seven real stories in the world. Everything that has ever happened is just a variation one of those seven.

This is a story about stories. You've probably heard it before.

Maria Connolly

The Best Christmas Tree

Have you ever stood by and watched while everybody else got picked and nobody ever picked you? Well that is what happened to Annnleesa, a Norwegian spruce. She was The Christmas Tree that nobody ever wanted. As the years go by Annalessa grows so tall she can see the whole of the world, but the world is not a good place. With the help of her friend Macy, a runaway angel determined to get her forever wings, Annalessa sets out to make the world a better place. This is a story of compassion and love and believing that the true spirit of Christmas lives within each and every one of us. Written by Maria Connolly and performed by Julie Maxwell (Macy) and Maria Connolly (Annalessa). Suitable for ages 10+

Accidental Theatre


An anxious woman wearing a conservative black dress & carrying a small black purse. Beside her stands a butcher-block table. A black cast-iron skillet rests on the table. The woman opens her purse & takes out a single white egg.

Woman: “So … This isn’t an ordinary cooking show."

A play by Gwydion Suilebhan.

Directed by Emily DeDakis.

Performed by Mary Lindsay.


Commedia of Errors

A Moment with Martine

It's 2002. Maura is trying to find a boyfriend. Only she's surrounded by girls and she's starting to think she might actually prefer them. All she has for guidance is Martine McCutcheon's 'Perfect Moment' and her best mate Ali.

Written and Performed by Clare McMahon (Shakespeare's Women, Women Troubles) and directed by Benjamin Gould (That Scottish Play, The Tain) this new short play looks at being naughty in the naughties, in a school full of nuns.

c21 Theatre Company

Rita and Ruby Go Head over Heels

Two old friends, who have recently lost their husbands go out for a long overdue catch up and drink. One of them has to drive. On the way home there's an accident. Both survive the initial crash. Stuck on the side of the mountain both woman get the chance to properly catch up before being rescued by a passing motorist. Unfortunately the rescue doesn't go according to plan.

Written by Jimmy Kerr. Directed by Stephen Kelly. Performed by Maria Connolly and Julie Maxwell.

Pintsized Productions

Bold Ballsy Belfast

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, ballsy Belfast stepped into 2018, and what a year it's been so far. Mental, hectic, deadly...grand. Triumphs and losses have been the forces at play.

A spoken word satirical commentary on the highs and lows of a year in Belfast...so far.

Megan Armitage

Póg na Sí Tours - Where your wishes might come true

You're on your holidays are ya? Well.. come with us on a tour of Ireland like never before. Allow our highly experienced, friendly and professional tour guide Sadhbh to usher you through the land of magic, myths and the 'wee folk'. We put the 'rock' into 'shamrock', and the 'craic' into 'Ireland'.

Pan Narrans

Shit Show

I've always found it difficult to use public bathrooms. I can never get the flow started, even when I'm desperate. It's like I've a huge reservoir ready to burst forth but there's a wee jobsworth in charge of the hose, pointing at a sign saying "not in front of others". Actually I feel like there's a wee voice in my head stopping me from doing most things... but the one in charge of urination is probably the most frustrating.

A new play by Gavin Turtle about anxiety, social pressure, masculinity and toilets.

Performed Michael Patrick.

Emily McDonagh

Who Knows?

“Where are you going? What are you doing? Are you looking forward to it? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you have any plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in five years? What do you hope to achieve? What are you doing here? What are your aims and aspirations?  What will you have for lunch? What will you get in the shop?

These questions will sound familiar. We ask ourselves them every day. Often they are answered with another question. 

For example; What is your 15 minute show about Emily? ........... The answer, Who Knows?”

Belfast Improv Theatre


Dying in an archive on the day the NI Assembly collapsed, the ghosts of two SPADs contemplate the afterlife from within Parliament Buildings.

Shot Glass

The Desperate Hours

Two middle-aged men are in the throes of creative panic: how does one say something rich, deep and profound, in deathless prose, words that will echo through the canon of Western theatre and bloody the noses of the great and good, and do it all in fifteen minutes? And why did they agree to meet at a pub to do it? And where is bloody Joe anyway? Every time. He does this every time

Best friends forever, your bestie, that one person you do absolutely everything with... 

I don’t have a best friend. I did once. In fact over the years I’ve had many friends that at one time or another could have been described as my so called ‘Bestie’. But not right now. Don’t get me wrong I have over a thousand friends on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter (well that’s over a thousand collectively and some of them are more followers than friends but you know what I mean) but I don’t have an IRL BFF. 

A new devised performance exploring what it takes for someone to be a best friend, the difference between toxic and only slightly unhealthy friendships, and the skills you need to make and maintain friends when you’re in your 20’s and beyond.