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Michelle & Arlene

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Goodbye Stormont, hello Ibiza!  Michelle and Arlene is a sparkling satire full of sun, sea and sangria.  Michelle O’Neill and Arlene Foster are thrown together on a wild girls’ weekend and soon become closer than they ever thought possible!  They find themselves embroiled in a rollicking female foemance, hotter than any boiler scandal…  

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£8/10 - STANDARD TICKET - a standard ticket that helps cover the basic costs of the show. £8 Thurs & Fri / £10 Sat

£10/12 - DONATION TICKET - a special ticket that gives a little extra to the exceptional and hardworking artists creating the show. £10 Thurs & Fri / £12 Sat

Show Info

Venue: 12-13 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, BT1 6HT

Book Bar on site*

Starts: 8:00pm (book bar open from 7:30pm)

Performance(s): Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th August 2017

Age Guidance: 16+

Disabled Access: Theatre (ground floor) is fully accessible. Toilets & Book Bar (1st floor) are not wheelchair friendly. Carer tickets available: Call 02890325881 to book.

*The Book Bar is our charity bar, run to help support Accidental, Amadan & the new building.

Michelle & Arlene

by Rosemary Jenkinson

In a world that's moving ever faster we're running to catch up with a new project: RAPID RESPONSE. A brand new play written to respond immediately to what's happening around us today.

RAPID RESPONSE is all about writing to respond to what is happening around us, exploring issues that effect us today and not waiting around to polish a script to perfection or wait for a funding decision. These plays will be rough, intriguing, sometimes funny, sometimes difficult but always up to date.

For the inaugural show Rosemary Jenkinson is writing a new piece about Michelle & Arlene

The project runs off the money made at the box office, so we've tried to balance the ticket cost with paying the artists involved a good wage.