The Curious World of Bot in Audio Zones

The Curious World of Bot in Audio Zones

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Bot (a mobile telepresence robot) inhabits a world of sound and invites listeners to experience a sonic sphere of audio zones. The work marries the use of mobile technology (Bot) with ultrasonic speakers to create a new type of sensory engagement with space - self-determining sonic, conceptual and within the social space.

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The Curious World of Bot in Audio Zones

Bot is a mobile telepresence robot who inhabits a world of sound and invites listeners to experience a sonic sphere of audio zones. Audio spotlights are dispersed within the space and project audio in different directions so that you almost feel as if the sound is hanging in the air.

Bot invites listeners to walk about this space and listen carefully for these disembodied sounds. Sometimes you may come upon a ‘sweetspot’ where the sound is fully audible and coherent but walk in a different direction you will hear birds singing, people talking, whispering or a composed piano track even some creaking and metallic noises.

The work encourages you to use your auditory senses to fully appreciate Bot’s sonic world and of that of the world around you.

Created by Bernadette Comac

Bernadette is a composer/sound designer.

She studied music at Queen’s University Belfast and undertook a Masters in Computer music. Her work entails the use of new internet technologies in her performances and multimedia works.

Example projects incorporated the use of a virtual performer in an installation work at the Crescent Arts Centre as part of the Sonorities Festival in 2012 and the Béal Festival in Dublin. In 2014 she did a live performance at the Sonic Arts Research Centre using gesture controlled technology such as the leap motion controller. She has won numerous awards for her work and continues to explore new developments in the field of sound design, spatial music and mobile technologies.

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The Theatre

Venue: 12-13 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, BT2 7DB

Access: Directly from Shaftesbury Square

Date(s): Saturday 23rd March 2019 

Starts: 3:00pm, 3:40pm, 4:20pm, 5:00pm & 5:40pm

Age Guidance: All Ages

Running Time: approx. 30mins

Disabled Access: Theatre (ground floor) is fully accessible. Toilets & Book Bar (1st floor) are not wheelchair friendly. Carer tickets available: Call 02890325881 to book.

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