First I titled this "Shwack!" - the approximate onomatopoeia of me thwumping against the windscreen of 2013 as it jolts off the January Blues and fizzes to an amazing start.

Then (because I am a veritable dinosaur, and also because it rhymed) I remembered them good old paper-based days, when Valentine's Day cards from your elementary-school crush arrived in envelopes S.W.A.K. Sealed with a kiss. iPad screens don't like that shit and texts can't smell like cologne. ("Romance has tanked," said the brachiosaurus.)

Either way: we're talking about February, and we're talking about the transmission of words -

Submissions close on Groundhog Day, meaning you've got one day left to send us your script. Head straight for the Submissions page if you've got something you want us to see. Unkissed .pdf files only, please.

Thanks to everyone who's sent us pieces already. It's our widest spectrum of scripts yet and I can't wait to dive in soon. In the meantime, I might actually write a letter.