A Tale of Two Cities

Over this summer Accidental embarked on one of our most ambitious challenges since we started the company, bringing our most recent show The Writers' Room by Michael Shannon, to London. And at the same time we continued to develop our Belfast based work with The Biscuit Tin Readings, a new series of rehearsed readings, the second year we have run a series of readings of new plays. This was the first time the team was split between two different cities working on Accidental projects and it has been a struggle, I often feared we were on the edge of overextending ourselves but we managed to keep everything ticking over fantastically in Belfast and had an amazing time in London too.

On Wednesday 20th July specifically, at exactly the same time in Belfast and London we had performances running. In Belfast our first rehearsed reading in The Biscuit Tin Readings series, Robots in Disguise by Mike Coleman was being performed in the Ulster Hall Group Space. Whilst in London, The Writers' Room was performing its third show in its run at the London Festival Fringe. It was really exciting sitting in London that day knowing that we such an exciting evening ahead. All due to the great work of Gayle, Emily and Teresa in Belfast and The Writers' Room team in London.

You can check out my personal blog to see some of the things that I found particularly helpful for marketing our show in London but I must particularly thank Laura Willis, Stephen Beggs and Paula McFetridge. For all their help spreading the word about The Writers' Room and their support of Accidental in general. There are so many others that have helped us, I practically have to thank the entire Northern Irish theatre sector for forwarding emails and telling friends about the show. We were overwhelmed by the amount of support we got both from home and from the friends we made in London.

After the success of this first foreign foray, we can only aim to outdo ourselves next time!