The Year to Come...

 With opening and closing of Pick 'n' Mix Accidental's year has begun in earnest! We're very excited about the next few months for our little company and our band of stalwart theatre types. So without any preamble:

Here comes The Biscuit Tin Readings!

Following on from VI our great series of rehearsed readings last year, we are back with five more fantastic plays:

Robots in Disguise by Mike Coleman Wednesday 20th July 2011


The American Hotel by Jaki McCarrick Wednesday 17th August 2011


The Portrait Keeper by Roy Endean Tuesday 20th September 2011


Stumpergasse 31 by William Patterson Wednesday 19th October 2011


Sitting Up For Michael by James McAnespy Wednesday 16th November 2011

This time we're in the Group Space in the Ulster Hall, accompanied by lots of tea and biscuits, with every show starting at 7pm.

Just like our company name, there lies an interesting (probably only to us) story behind the title of our new series of readings but I'll let Emily fill you in on that. The Biscuit Tin Readings are the second year we have run a series of readings and we're hoping to make them a strong part of our work in the future, as it allows us to meet so many new writers and actors, it has become much more important to us than simply helping to develop plays.

Next up we have The Writers' Room by Michael Shannon.

Monday 18th - Friday 22nd July at 6:30pm Phoenix Artists Bar, London

Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13th August at 9pm Gielgud Theatre in RADA, London

On the same week that we start The Biscuit Tin Readings we are also heading international for the first time, taking The Writers' Room to not only the London Festival Fringe in July (Tickets available here) but also to the Camden Fringe in August (Tickets available here). We're heading to London a lot earlier than I ever expected us to, mainly due to the fact that I'm based in there for this year, so it makes it a lot easier for us to bring work across to London than it would otherwise be if I was living in Belfast. At the moment this is as much an experiment for us as it is an adventure. One of our long term goals has been to take work from our home to outside of Northern Ireland, not just to places like London and Edinburgh. So we'll see how this summer goes first.

We spent the beginning of this year planning what we wanted to tackle this year, some of our ideas may never leave the beer bottle covered kitchen in which they were created but we hope to come out with a fantastic variety of gorgeous treats to be consumed throughout the rest of this year and we hope to throw up a few surprises along the way too. So look out for Accidental Theatre, as we'll be announcing another few tasty treats if or hopefully when, they're ready.