Choose your adhesives wisely

Dramaturgs aren't usually allowed near the carpet tape or power tools, so the prep work for our production of Michael Shannon's "The Writers' Room" has been learning-curve central.

I've been doing my best to help out our designer, London-based Rachel Szmukler (more calm, collected and spatially gifted than I) construct the stage. This week we have mostly been drilling, sanding, measuring, lifting, listening to 6 Music, sourcing drillbits (countersync and otherwise), balancing Dorito breakfasts with detox tea, and - most recently - affixing carpet tiles.

Notes on carpet adhesive:

1. Tape is better than wood-glue when you're dealing with felt underlay.

2. Some things just need to be brand-name.

I'm the kind of person who gets 'freewheeling on my three-speed down the Grosvenor Road' confused with 'competing in the Tour de France', so (unshockingly) I've decided I'm fully capable of recarpeting Richard's living room if he'll pay me for it. (Unlikely.) What's life about if you're not getting ideas above your station?

Still, it's been nice to flex atypical brain & body muscles. And yesterday we feverishly finished our set-construction in time to meet the actors for a dress rehearsal. Richard and the performers have been doing stellar work with Mike's script; and with Jacqueline O'Hagan's light design and soundscape by songwriter/DJ Martin Byrne, it's doing some top-quality sticking together. Looking forward to it - and all the shows - at Pick 'n' Mix this weekend, and to hitting the road to London with our production this summer.

I'll be chained safely back in my place, slave to text & page, for our next series of rehearsed readings, kicking off at the Ulster Hall's Group Space 20th July. We'll be unveiling the series - five new plays, excellent & unique storytelling, and a few familiar faces - soon.

But first: Pick yer Mix.