Thanks be to _________ .

Happy belated Thanksgiving. Despite kinda sullen odds on Thanksgiving's chances on this side of the pond, Tom and I stubbornly celebrate every year in our house in the Holyland, just like the mad Statesiders do - well, not exactly "just like": I'm starting to associate the holiday with a house full of Irish Thanksgiving-virgins eating banoffee pie and sipping Buckfast rather than a cozy kitchen packed with just my family, a ginormous turkey and canned cranberry sauce (a.k.a. heaven-in-a-tin, rather unexpectedly. Love of canned food as symptom of homesickness?). Funny how the world goes. Anyroad, it's been a tough year for a lot of people, and it felt good to really celebrate.

Not all tough, though: sometimes, downright invigorating. Speaking of thankful, I wanted to give a shout-out to a few writers I've had a chance to sit down and chat with  lately: Shannon Yee, Ariel Killick and Danny Start. Nice chats over bowls of soup and mugs of coffee, brimful of ideas. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks also for your patience as the literary arm of the theatre co. creaks back into motion. I've got a stack of scripts I'm looking forward to reading, and (in case you haven't seen it elsewhere), our call for scripts for the 2012 Biscuit Tins is out in the world. Deadline's 2nd February 2012 to be considered for next year's series. Be great to hear from you if you've got something in the works that deserves some development: CALL FOR SCRIPTS - Biscuit Tin Readings 2012

So get writing - and maybe join us next year for the Great Thank. You've got till Thursday, 22nd Nov. 2012 to figure out what the frack goes in pumpkin pie.

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