Why has the refrigerator stopped working?

All the rest of the stuff in the kitchen is fine.

Well, the washing machine is spinning away. But the kettle won't turn on, the toaster and the lights are shot and the socket for the hairdryer in the bedroom is on the fritz ... Clearly a fuse thing. But I've messed with the fuses like six times now, and I'm not the person who's meant to fix this. A) Fuses are dangerous (right?) and B) I haven't got time. See?

Things to do

  1. Finalise the script and rehearsal plans for Donal O'Hagan's new play The Kitchen, the Bedroom and the Grave - our next and final of the VI Rehearsed Readings at Blick, coming up at 7pm on 9th September (Richard has moved to temporarily greener London pastures, so I'm directing this time; really looking forward to it!)

  2. Plan Fast & Loose - the 4th annual 24-hour, new-writing theatre project at Queen's, happening 8th-9th October 2010 at the Students' Union, produced by Accidental Theatre avec la collaboration de la QU Players

  3. Catch up on script notes and other assorted editing

  4. Get ready to start teaching at the Heaney Centre again

  5. Eat this delicious piece of chilli chocolate

  6. Redraft my novel

  7. Hang out the washing

  8. Fix the refrigerator fuse

I really should get around to number 8. There's some quality chicken in the freezer, and the coldness'll only hold out so long while the mains are off. Oh but there's always number 9: Squirrel around on Spotify (I forgot how much I loved the Violent Femmes until the refrigerator stopped working).

No. Fridges and Femmes be damned. I'll stick with number 1.

Take care, y'all, and hope to see you at Blick next month.