Some Kind of Stranger by William Patterson Rehearsed Reading

As we move into the summer, we have arrived at our fourth reading Some Kind of Stranger by William Patterson. This reading posed several distinct challenges that worried me, particularly that of the date as with the summer the city empties, and I wasn't sure how large an audience we would have. So we worked hard advertising this reading, further and harder than we had before and combined with many personal invites from the Accidental team and cast, we ended up having a larger audience than any of the other readings so far.

The reading itself went great, since the beginning of this series I've struggled with audience sight lines, partially due to the constraints of the performance space and partially due to staging. We always make sure that the performance is clear enough to understand even if you cannot see every acting nuance from every performer. This became more prevalent with this reading because of the size of the audience, in fact we ran out of chairs and people who arrived even a little late had to be turned away.

Overall I was very pleased, both the audience and the performers appeared to really enjoy it, and so did I. William had joined us for several of the rehearsal sessions earlier in the week and I very much enjoyed having him in the room with us, I hope it was as enjoyable for him; along with being helpful for the future development of the script.

With the end of this reading we now head to the final few 2010 readings, next up on Thursday 12th August we have School of Thought by Neil Edwards, a great script about comprehensive school life were the teachers must learn as much as the students.