Some Kind of Stranger by William Patterson

Last week we had the private reading of Some Kind of Stranger by William Patterson. A great script set in South Belfast in 1987, about a group of students from Belfast who clash with a group of students from Bangor.

This script is William's first work of drama, as he has had great success so far with his farces. Originally from Bangor, William now lives and works in London, where he's had several of his farces staged.

We had a great time reading this as it is a fun and deep script, complimented by a fun and energetic group of characters. As is usual for our private readings, we had a great discussion after with the cast, to get an idea of how they saw the script and to give the writer a sounding board for ideas and questions.

Some Kind of Stranger will be our fourth reading in July but on Thursday 10th June we have Ravine.