Accidental are helping to host two nights of the Belfast Comedy Festival this October, with two fully packed nights of standup, songs, performance and dance - all wrapped up in a comedic package. Each act is ticketed separately, as each one is special and fabulous in its own right. 

À la carte comedy pick and choose who you see - hang out in the bar in-between.

Friday 30th September & Saturday 1st October

Doors & Bar from 7pm // First show each night 8pm

4th Floor, Wellington Buildings, Wellington Street, Belfast, BT1 6HT

Scroll down to see the full lineup below...


Friday 30th september


Hey You!

Hey you! Yes, you! Tired of conspicuous consumption? Sluggish? Forgetful? Don’t like what you see looking back in the mirror? Forgetful? Best-selling author of Carbed Wire and Yes You Can: Saucy Adventures with Tinned Foods, Brad Peelawn wants you to rediscover your Master Male Hormone. And that means ALL of you. And no, it’s not down the back of the sofa.

In a world full of snake oil charmers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know exactly how best to make a futile gesture with your money. But fear not junk food jihadis: Brad has a big certificate. Join him for one night only as he reveals the macrobiotic wisdom of the ancients whilst struggling to keep the lid firmly on his own Greek yogurt pot of the past...

Performed by Aaron Hickland. Written and directed by Joseph Nawaz.

Tickets £5


Alternative Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time two fair maidens decided it was about time fairytales got a face lift! Gemma Walker and Sorcha Shanahan deliver their no holds barred retellings of much loved bedtime stories in this sharp and hilarious review of all things ‘happily ever after’. 

Come and join The Makey Uppers for the Belfast Comedy festival as they debut brand new material alongside their face-achingly-original versions of Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. 

Age: 14+

(Artwork by Peter Davidson)

Tickets £5


Two Pints of Craft Ale and a Packet of Slow Dried Beetroot Crisps Please

Kenneth Fall, fringe hero and circus legend, present his "maybe solo" clown show. A manic chaotic show that uses comedy like a hammer from a maverick who has been described as Robert Smith from the Cure on acid. Includes possible nudity, smoking, guns, drugs and explosives.

A show that will inspire your inner child to run to the hills and set fire to the city. 

Tickets £7

Saturday 1st October




TO-BUILD-A-BEAR is a work in progress of an original musical/cabaret hybrid from The Voice Bear Ross Anderson-Doherty and musician and sonic artist Marty Byrne. Perhaps a witty, insightful and interrogative piece investigating an increasingly commodified queer subculture? Perhaps a way for Ross to deal with being a big, fat, sexy, hairy bloke in a big gay world? Either way it’s going to be a hoot!

Tickets £8

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 14.56.21.png


Loose Canon

Luke Bannon throws his invented personas into dangerously stupid situations, sometimes with a backhanded social commentary to boot. These ridiculous sketches are littered with music, disembodied voices and speaking directly to the audience. If you're going to have an identity crisis at 25, you may as well enjoy every second of it.

Tickets £4

1606 aud and comic 2.jpg


Murder She Got Wrote Off

If you've ever been unemployed, studying a humanities degree, or sick, you've played Murder She Got Wrote Off - that is, watching Murder She Wrote while drinking.

Now you can recreate that experience with friends and family, as The Cabot Cove Players recreate a classic episode of the greatest amateur sleuth show ever written. It's a live drinking game, so it's handy that there's a bar. The only skill required is the skill to bend your elbow and open your mouth any time Jessica Fletcher says "I don't mean to pry, but..."

Props, costumes, scripts... all the trappings of legitimate theatre, plus professional actors doing what they do best: drinking on the job. Well, it worked for Tom Bosley.

Audience fancy dress is encouraged.


Tickets £9